Behind the Namesakes at GHM Care

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Business

At GHM Care we appreciate we’ve got more than a fair share of namesakes which often creates a bit of confusion for our customers! Here’s a quick explanation to who’s who behind the duplicate names at GHM Care.

Simon Hayler & Simon Hall 

Our Care Home customers will know our Sales Director, Simon Hayler, who’s been at GHM for over ten years and as a result there isn’t a question about care home tech he can’t answer.

Simon Hall is a relative newbie and has become an integral part of the business since joining as a 3rd Line Support Engineer, solving all of your technical issues.

Michael Biddle & Mike Hill

Mike Hill is our Apprentice Engineer and known fondly in the office by some as ‘Little Mike’! Our other Michael is an IT Consultant, working with our customers on maximising the value of their IT systems.

Edward Parker & Edward Sibbald 

This one probably creates the most confusion as both Edwards work first hand with our care home customers. Edward Parker looks after the account management for care homes and groups, while Edward Sibbald is our Field Service Engineer, who’ll often be the first engineer point of contact if a care home has a fault.

And finally the plethora of Peters – Crosby, Jeffery and James

You probably won’t find a trio with more experience. No one knows telecoms better than Peter Crosby (our telecoms guru!). Our Project Engineer – Peter Jeffery, has become a firm favourite with customers and the rest of the team over the last 12 months. While lastly, another PJ, our Cabling Contractor Pete James, works on many of our cabling projects.

Next time you’re in touch with a Simon, Michael, Edward, or Peter, hopefully this helps explain who’s who.

PS OK, you’ve caught us out…we haven’t even addressed the elephant in the room…the matching surnames! But that’s proof of a super successful family business which we are mighty proud of.

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