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IT Managed Services for Care Homes

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Care Home Technology, Care Home WiFi

GHM Care launched IT Managed Services this year and we often get asked to explain what’s what when it comes to protecting your IT and devices. In this blog, we have highlighted various ways we support care homes with their IT services, from support to software solutions. 

Our IT support is no different from our other services. Our dedicated IT team prides itself on building lasting relationships, as though they were part of your onsite care home team. 

Our IT Managed Services: –

Flexible IT Support – We believe flexibility is crucial to ensure you have the right level of support for care homes. 

Cloud Back-up – Ensuring the data used in the home is critical to the safe and efficient care of the resident. 

Managed Antivirus – Protect your PC’s and other devices from being corrupted. 

Managed Firewall – With networks open to usage by residents and guests alike, protect against unauthorised access. 

Device Encryption – A crucial first line of defence, should a device be lost or stolen.

Email Protect – Emails are such an everyday part of our lives; this ensures data within emails remains confidential.  

Phish Threat  A sophisticated solution, keeping care homes safe with comprehensive simulation, training, and reporting. 

To discuss your requirements further, please contact a member of the team on 01865 367111.

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