Tech trends for 2016: Mobile Integration

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In this latest feature by the BBC, the top tech trends for 2016 are analysed. We are interested in the ‘mobile world’ trend.

The mobile revolution will continue to roll on, with the smartphone becoming the primary tool for interacting with businesses and each other, observers believe.

“If you think mobile is here – it’s not, it’s still arriving,” says Richard Wagstaff, managing director, of WSI, a digital marketing agency network.

The majority of our solutions are now provided through mobile devices and applications. Not only are care homes and villages operating their entire business telephone system through mobiles, they are integrating other technologies and third party solutions to operate for efficiently and improve mobility around the home.

For example, we can set your mobile devices up to receive nurse call alerts directly to your device – it works with any third party nurse call provider and no input is required from them.

You can read the full article here or contact us to talk about our mobile solutions for your care home.

GHM provide integrated care home WiFi, care home telephone systems and care home technology.

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