Navigating Telecoms for Care Homes – What is an Auto Attendant

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We know communication is crucial in care homes. However, some care homes may not have a central marketing team organising greetings or a separate enquiry line to take the pressure off reception staff. 

It could be that your telephone system already has a feature called Auto Attendant that you’re not using. For those unfamiliar with this feature, let us tell you a bit more and how you can set up your Auto-Attendant

What is an Auto Attendant? 

The caller is greeted with a friendly voice recording, guiding them to the right person or department. It sets the scene, especially for new enquiries into the home. An engineer from GHM can program the Auto Attendant to suit the requirements of your individual home e.g. press 1 for reception, 2 for nurse station and so on.

Why an Auto Attendant is useful? 

Efficiency Routing

With an Auto Attendant, friends, family, or medical staff can swiftly connect to the staff member or department they want to speak with. No more getting lost in a maze of extensions!

Dealing with out of hours

All care homes receive calls outside normal working hours. Phone systems can be programmed so there is a more appropriate ‘night time’ ring plan. 

Providing a professional experience

First impressions matter! An Auto Attendant can give the care home a friendly and professional image. 

Complete flexibility and style

Care homes have complete control over the tone and recordings to be played. You can ask a staff member to record the Auto Attendant greeting, or we’ll obtain a professional voice-over artist to set the tone. Either way, it is your care home and you can always apply that unique touch. 

For further information on optimising communication in your care home through Auto Attendants or to explore our telephony solutions, contact us at 01865 367111.  


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