Why Choose Our Solutions

Over the years we have talked to and listened to 100’s of care homes, their managers, carers and residents. As a result we have a very clear knowledge and experience of what technologies are needed to help deliver the best care to residents whilst working as efficiently as possible.

You no longer have to put up with patchy WiFi, noisy wall boards or fixed position phones to make and collect calls in your care home. Our solutions minimise not only the number of devices required but also enable your carers to be as mobile as possible, spending time where it matters, with residents.

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Improved care home WiFi connectivity – no dead spots

Improved staff mobility

Integration of third party products and applications such as nurse call integration

Flexible and scalable telephone systems

Increased guest services

Care home smart technology, less devices


Care Home WiFi

Faster connectivity throughout your entire home, without any dead spots.

Smart Technology

Alerts and messages are delivered direct to your mobile device using our latest ‘messaging’ unit.


Integrate your nurse call system, patient record system or any third party application with your devices.

Guest WiFi

Offer your residents the best levels of Internet connectivity whilst managing the levels of access centrally.

Telephone Systems

The latest range of IP phone systems – all developed and tailored for care homes.

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WiFi Solutions

Faster connectivity throughout your care home

Our care home WiFi solution of choice, Samsung Wireless Enterprise, incorporates the latest LTE mobile communications technology.

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices in the care homes, such as
smartphones and tablets, demands on the wireless network (WLAN) are growing more complex due to the number of separate devices competing for service on the move.

Our solutions address the specific needs of voice and data without impacting data throughput. Seamless automatic handover when moving between Access Points (APs) removes the burden on devices and risk of disruption, while the application of Crystal HD Voice ensures the best possible speech quality and wireless service regardless of the type or number of devices in use.

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Smart technology

Get more from your mobile devices

Our care home smart technology is one of the most exciting and innovative advancements for care homes. By putting our customers at the centre of the design process we are shaping a technology enabled care system that will improve not only how carers receive information and alerts, but also how residents can be more proactive in their own care planning.

Through our technology you can fully integrate
your nursecall, medication apps, care monitoring, care planning,
patient records and any third party care apps
– all accessible on IP Smartphones and tablets.

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GHM Smartphone Technology
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Easy integration with your existing systems and technology

We realise that communication is so much more than just one mode of operation, it can involve a series of messages and alarm monitoring, it can be from machine to machine, person to machine, machine to person etc.

Our messaging integration unit has been designed to coordinate, manage and control an array of differing communication needs from a variety of differing sources and distribute them to fixed or mobile devices as required.

The unit has been specifically designed to bring together your current in-house systems into a cohesive messaging network.

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Telephone systems

Choosing the right telephone system for your care home

GHM Care are ideally placed to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the convergence of voice, data, video, fixed and mobile communications through our delivery of Samsung telephone systems.

Our expertise in convergence is evident in our business telephone systems. Modular and scalable, they can be expanded and enhanced with the latest technology whenever it suits you to do so, from IP telephony and converged voice and data networks to BYOD and the wireless enterprise. Having such flexibility helps keep the cost of deployment low and future proofs every Samsung solution, protecting your investment in our equipment.

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