Unifying communications and alerts to your device

Our Nexus Care Solution is a powerful messaging platform that delivers critical alarms and messaging for carers. Developed by technology experts with a proven track record in the care industry, Nexus takes legacy nurse call messaging and delivers to smart devices, removing the need for noisy wall mounted boards and alarm systems.

“Nexus Care has benefited our home to modernise the way of working and answering call bells and communication.” Blenheim Court Care Home, Caring Homes Group

What are the benefits?

  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Single ubiquitous device
  • Greater accountability
  • Increased levels of care
  • Improved care environment
  • Familiar usage

The Nexus Care platform integrates with every major nurse call system, allowing care organisations to access improved functionality without having to invest in the latest nurse call systems.

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Individual Staff Logins

Each user within Nexus Care have their own individual login details. This encourages accountability as staff accept calls as an individual and deal with them as such.

Zoning of Alerts

The Nexus Care platform allows you to create virtual zones enabling alerts to be delivered to the right staff at the right time.

Nurse Call Alerts

Nexus Care takes alerts from any nurse call system currently delivered to panels or pager and delivers the messages over WIFI to Smart Devices.


The Nexus Care platform records all interactions from both the nurse call system and the staff, and delivers a bespoke suite of reporting to tools.

Staff Presence

The Nexus Care application has a full presence and instant messaging platform allowing staff to communicate in an efficient and secure manner, whilst improving resident care.

Future Proofing

Nexus Care is compatible with all leading nurse call brands. Allows you to sweat your existing nurse call asset. Delivers alerts to Smart Device.
  • 1. Industry Experience

  • 2. Latest Technology

  • 3. Safe & Secure

  • 4. Trusted Peace of Mind