Breathe New Life Into Your Existing Nursecall

GHM Care has developed Nexus Care Solution as a powerful messaging platform that delivers critical alarms and nurse call alerts directly to care givers smartphones. Our technical experts have extensive experience in the sector and are proud that Nexus can deliver nurse call messages to smart devices, removing the need for noisy wall-mounted boards and alarm systems.

“Nexus Care has benefited our home to modernise the way of working and answering call bells and communication.” Blenheim Court Care Home, Caring Homes Group

Nexus Care integrates with every major nurse call system, making it a simple upgrade at a fraction of the cost of replacing the system.

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    Key Features

    – Alerts on the wall boards and accepted quicker on the handsets

    – Visual indication of who is dealing with the alert

    – Nursecall escalation path is followed to ensure calls are answered

    * The system does not clear calls from the nurse call system. Calls and alerts are still cleared at the bed head.

    – Encourages accountability as staff accept calls as individuals and deal with them as such

    – Accountability for hardware

    – Even the spread of workload as you can see who is answering calls

    – Nexus care records all interactions from the system and staff

    – Individual resident reports based on any time period

    – Individual staff reports, can be used for performance statistics

    – Reports for each type of alert with statistics such as average response times

    – Quick and easy interaction between staff members

    – A visual indication of who is available

    – SMS system messaging between staff members

    – All messages are fully auditable

    – Greater Flexibility / Improved patient care

    – Nexus Care is compatible with all leading nurse call brands

    – Allows you to sweat your existing nurse call asset

    – Delivers alerts to Smart Device

    The Nexus Care platform has been built to be intuitive and easy to use. The design and feel are familiar to all who have used a smartphone and the management of the solution is point and click.

    Interested in Nexus Care?

    Why not book a demo. We will run you through all of the key features of Nexus Care.