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Wifi router cut out for webOur chosen Wi-Fi solution, Samsung Wireless Enterprise, incorporates relevant components from the latest LTE mobile communications technology, to deliver unparalled performance for no-compromise wireless working.

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices in the care home, such as
smartphones and tablets, demands on the WLAN are growing more complex due to the number of separate devices competing for service on the move.

Our solutions address the specific needs of voice and video without impacting data throughput. Seamless automatic handover when moving between Access Points (APs) removes the burden on devices and risk of disruption, while the application of Crystal HD Voice ensures the best possible speech quality and wireless service regardless of the type or number of devices in use.

Using multiantenna technology, the typical range is increased by 14% whilst speech quality and data errors are improved by 30%. In addition, the superior power of the APs also affects the devices connected to them, minimising their own power consumption for longer battery life, and increases the number of concurrent users per AP by up to 50% compared with competitive products.

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