The Vital Role of Comprehensive WiFi in Care Homes

Posted by: Jo Love
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In a digital age, the significance of a robust WiFi network in care homes cannot be overstated. As we explore the critical need for reliable WiFi, we’ll also take a look at the essential components of a care home WiFi network and the best approach for you as a care home – from initial design to efficient troubleshooting. 

Modern requirements and demands

Gone are the days of simply installing a wireless router in an office and crossing your fingers for a decent connection. Modern care homes require a sophisticated WiFi solution to meet the demands of a digital workforce who rely on WiFi for Care Records/EMAR/Nursecall and a whole host of other technologies – while also ensuring residents and visitors have seamless access to essential services. 

GHM Care is committed to delivering connectivity that goes beyond expectations. Our WiFi solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges and requirements of care homes, from implementation to ongoing support. 

Finding the right partner for your WiFi

GHM Care have been installing WiFi networks into UK Care homes since 2008. We’ve designed WiFi networks for 100’s of care homes and no two are ever the same! From ultra thick walls in converted stately homes to interference from GCHQ, we have seen it all.

We work with leading global providers of WiFi solutions to provide an end-to-end wireless fabric of reliable, scalable, secure WiFi that performs under the most demanding conditions in your care home.

Your Care Home WiFi should not just about connecting devices; it needs to enhance the quality of life for residents and provide operational efficiency for your care home staff.

Navigating the Care Home WiFi Implementation Journey

Stage 1 – WiFi Survey & Design 

A great WiFi Network begins at the design stage. WiFi designs aren’t just mounting access points on ceilings and hoping for the best. Our WiFi experts use industry software tools that test for RF (radio frequency) interference and identify the best installation placement for wireless access points (APs).  

Our experts can also survey existing networks and extract WiFi heatmaps into their surveys. WiFi heatmaps are a colour-coded visual representation of the wireless signal coverage and strength that can highlight trouble areas (basically, there should be no grey areas). 

Stage 2 – Accessing Cabling for Seamless WiFi Deployment

Once the WiFi network has been planned and designed, our cabling team will perform a physical site survey. Surveying cabling before installing wireless access points is crucial for a reliable and high-performing network, ensuring cables can be in the requisite positions whilst minimising unnecessary surface trunking and resident disruption.

The engineer will review the building blueprints to understand the challenges of running cables. Buildings with existing network infrastructure, ethernet ports, and cabling can be examined. It may also be possible to utilise existing infrastructure whenever possible to reduce installation costs.

The cost of cabling is sometimes overlooked in scoping a WiFi project but getting this right will ensure, the care home will be well-prepared for wireless access point installations, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment of a fully resilient WiFi network.  

Stage 3 – Implementation

Our implementation process is where we transition from meticulous planning to hands-on implementation. This stage is where the vision of an advanced and responsive WiFi network comes to life. 

Our experienced engineers understand the unique needs of care home environments and execute the installation of wireless access points with precision to ensure comprehensive coverage and minimal disruption for staff and residents.

Stage 4 – Ongoing WiFi Network Support

Just as health check-ups are crucial for well-being, WiFi networks demand regular assessments to adapt to day-to-day changes. Whether accommodating new employees, embracing bandwidth-intensive applications, or adjusting inventory levels, our ongoing support ensures your network remains robust and responsive. 

Talk to our care home team about your existing WiFi and any plans you have for the future. We’ll be happy to advise at an early stage so you know the best way forward. Email or call 01865 367111.

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