Watch again: Phishing Threats to Care Homes in 2023

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Care Home IT Support
With 90% of cyber-attacks on care homes starting in email, phishing awareness and security is really important for homes, carers and residents.

In this webinar we teamed up with Phriendly Phishing to examine how you can better understand how a phishing attack could happen to your care home and how to stay ahead of a breach in 2023. Catch up by watching the recording below & download your free supporting guide:

  • Phishing…what is it and how could it affect your care home
  • Different types of malware
  • How you can create a phishing resilient care team
  • Examples of phishing attacks – what to watch for
  • What you can do to prevent a phishing attack in 2023
  • How you can help your residents to know when to click and when not to click!
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