Mobile care apps quadruple, changing the delivery of healthcare

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The market for mobile health apps, has this year quadrupled to £320 million, according to ABI Research, radically changing the way health care is delivered and accessed.

In any healthcare system apps are key to overhauling the management and efficiency of services, playing a very important role in patient education, disease self-management, and remote monitoring of patients. Above all, mobile apps will be primary in saving the NHS money and resources, with PwC suggesting that a potential £4.4bn could be put back into the NHS with better use of information and technology.

This article discusses the trend in more detail.

Simon Hayler of GHM Care says: “With an increasing number of care apps being adopted across the care sector, it’s important to ensure that the number of devices or resources isn’t rising to accommodate them. We have developed a messaging unit specifically for the care home sector that pulls any messaging, alerts or information from third party care apps on to a single smartphone or device carried by the nurse or carer. For example, we can integrate nurse call alerts with a carers device enabling noisy wall boards to be silenced for a much quieter and relaxing environment.

“So, before adopting numerous care apps, it’s important to consider how they will ultimately be accessed on the ground.”

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