We can help you compare and switch energy providers

As part of our services to care homes, our team can remove the stress of comparing energy rates from different suppliers, making sure it is a like for like comparison. We can also help you to make sense of the industry jargon all whilst finding an energy deal that is right for your care home at the best available rate.

When it comes to business energy, it is far more confusing than domestic. There are different types of meters, fixed term contracts, higher consumption rates and more complex pricing structures.

Why choose us

It can become extremely time consuming when it comes to purchasing care home energy and prices can vary by 28% between business energy providers.

We can take care of everything for you and remove the stress. We search for the best rates, manage your new and existing suppliers, take care of the contract admin and can also offer advice for solutions to reduce your carbon emissions and bills.

Green energy

We can offer a range of Green electricity tariffs, which all use power that has been generated from 100% renewable sources.

Changing your energy supply to a green tariff is a great way to make a positive difference and reduce the carbon footprint your care home has on the environment. All 100% renewable products come with a zero emissions rating and are backed with a “Guarantee of Origin”, which certifies the electricity has been generated through hydro assets (wind).

All our Green products are available to care homes, big and small, who care about their impact on the environment. If you are interested in going Green, contact us today and see how many tonnes of carbon your home could save by switching.

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