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Comprehensive WiFi is an essential requirement for the modern day care home. Getting by with limited signal inside your home literally won’t cover it.

GHM Care understand that managed wireless networks are required for the needs of staff, residents and visitors. Corporate connectivity has to handle sensitive staff and resident information, whilst keeping visitor and guest data traffic separate. The demand for resident internet connectivity continues to increase as more and more wish to use their personal smartphones and tablets for video calls and emails, enabling residents to keep in touch independently with family and friends.

For situations where coverage is required across multiple buildings and outdoor spaces such as care villages, GHM Care has extensive experience in the supply of Private Cellular Networks.

Cellular systems can be scaled to deliver secure voice and data for specific devices connecting within a managed geographic area, whilst seamlessly linking to your existing voice and data networks.

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For care settings with multiple building layouts, where a reliable voice network is essential, GHM can deploy a cell based solution that links to the main phone system and to any voice based alert system (warden call). This ensures full internal and external signal across the estate, so that transient staff can be connected as a local extension number, whilst using either a mobile handset or smartphone. This solution is ideal for care village settings where a wide blanket of coverage is required.

Easy to Deploy, Next Generation, Cloud Managed, Affordable Business WiFi

Our highly skilled engineers can install Enterprise WLAN. We work with leading global providers of wireless connectivity solutions that strengthen connections between people, places and things. Our solution provides an end-to-end wireless fabric of reliable, scalable, secure and cloud-managed platforms that perform under demanding conditions. Whether you need a single wireless access point, or larger, we offer a range of solutions for your business.

Business WiFi Management

Business WiFi Management

The management platform is an easy-to-deploy system that enables wireless service providers and enterprises to efficiently manage their networks. Available in the cloud, it offers full visibility across the entirety of networks, making daily management of networks simpler. This platform is available to all customers at no extra cost, with the option to use as a cloud solution or hosted on the premises.

Enterprise Switches

Enterprise Switches

The next-generation switches are ideal for care home customers to manage their network. When deployed with Business WiFi Management and WLAN Access Points, customers have an affordable, feature-rich enterprise-grade Ethernet switching solution. The fully managed switches deliver full Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities with enhanced access security. The series offers flexibility with 4 SFP+ (10 Gbps) uplinks on the 28-port model while offering 2 SFP (1 Gbps) uplinks in the 10-port model.

WiFi Access Points

WiFi Access Points

The enterprise grade indoor and outdoor Access Points offers lifetime free cloud management and lifetime AP warranty with no recurring fees.  They are designed for high density and certain market requirements. Perfect for a care home with applications that demand high capacity, for example, resident access for streaming, guest WiFi as well as application visibility on staff devices, voice and so on.

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