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Comprehensive WiFi is an essential requirement for the modern day care home. Getting by with limited signal inside your home literally won’t cover it.

Our highly skilled WiFi specialists do more than deploy business grade WiFi. They follow a lifecycle and manage every stage of the process. GHM work with leading global providers of WiFi solutions that strengthen connections. Our solution provides an end-to-end wireless fabric of reliable, scalable, secure, and cloud-managed platforms that perform under demanding conditions. Whether your care home needs a single wireless access point or more, we offer a range of solutions for your business.

And for sites where coverage is required across multiple buildings and outdoor spaces, and a reliable voice network is critical, such as care villages, GHM Care has extensive experience in the supply of Private Cellular Networks.

The aim of the Private Cellular Network is to overcome many of the issues that ‘campus style’ sites experience with a standard WiFi network. These include the prohibitive cost of installing multiple access points and switches to cover such a vast space; and consequently experiencing unreliable signals in some more remote buildings or outside. Our Private Cellular Network delivers coverage that progogates much further than standard WiFi so it never drops out of signal wherever you are on site.

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