NexusCare is a powerful nursecall messaging and reporting platform that delivers nursecall alerts directly to carers smartphones. Developed by our own technology experts at GHM, NexusCare also provides complete management reporting into all of your nursecall activity.

Silence Noisy Alerts

Silence noisy wallboards, creating a much calmer care environment for staff and residents.

Fixed monthly cost

One monthly licence fee per site, inclusive of set up and on going support, with zero cost up front.


Integrate NexusCare with any nursecall system regardless of age, manufacture or location.


View management information at group, region, home and zone level. Compare nursecall stats between sites, staff and specific times.

Response Times

NexusCare improves staff productivity, reduces response times to patient requests, and helps improve resident care.

Zoning of Alerts

Nexus allows you to create virtual zones enabling alerts to be sent to the right staff at the right time.

The Nexus Care system does not clear calls from the nurse call system. Calls and alerts are still cleared at the bed side.

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