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Our services and solutions for Care Groups

GHM Care works with many of the largest care groups in the UK, providing a range of services and solutions for both their head office and individual care homes.

NexusCare is a powerful messaging platform that delivers nursecall alerts directly to carers smartphones – improving response times and resident care as well as silencing intrusive alarms around the home.

NexusCare also has a full cloud reporting dashboard giving you full visibility of your nursecall activity and management information across multiple homes, regardless of which nursecall system each home is using.

Comprehensive WiFi is an essential requirement for the modern day care home.

Our solution provides an end-to-end wireless fabric of reliable, scalable, secure, and cloud-managed platforms that perform under demanding conditions. Whether your care home needs a single wireless access point or more extensive coverage, we offer a full range of solutions.

Ideal for head offices, our hosted telephony solution is a productive, secure, and efficient cloud communications tool. An all-in-one tool for staff and easy-to-use optional handsets for residents.

Ideal for care homes, our on premise telephone systems are designed around the needs of both staff and residents. Our recommended systems are built on the latest IP technology yet remain simple to use.

We’ll help your care teams remain in contact anywhere in the home by offering a range of cordless phone options, whilst your admin staff will have access to helpful system features on their desk phones. Call handling can be set up for Day/Night to help with answering enquiries when staffing levels change during each 24 hour period.

As part of our services to care homes, our team can remove the stress of comparing energy rates from different suppliers, making sure it is a like for like
comparison. We can also help you to make sense of the industry jargon all whilst finding an energy deal that is right for your care home at the best available rate.

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