Supplying comms for care home construction companies

GHM Care works with care home construction companies across the UK, installing critical communication and energy solutions. Our experienced team ensure telecom, gas and electricity packages are coordinated smoothly and completed to schedule. The requirements for each project are tailored accordingly, to ensure key stages are fully managed by GHM Care, on behalf of the contractor.

  • GHM Care can help advise when engaging with Openreach regarding connecting the building to the BT network. We oversee that ground ducts and cable infrastructure are installed at an appropriate time, enabling line orders to be ready for building occupation.
  • GHM Care will supply the voice lines, telephone numbers and data connections for the building. We can also split the installation fees from the ongoing rental charges between the constructor and care operator.
  • Telephone numbers can be selected and made “live” by GHM Care, even before the comms room is fully equipped. We enable sales staff to make and receive enquiry calls in the marketing suite or off-site.
  • GHM Care’s Energy team will help co-ordinate gas and electric supplies with your contract manager and on-site staff.
  • Meter Provisioning and support liaising with network suppliers.
  • Assist with multiple supplier quotations to help procure energy services.
  • Competitive pricing that matches the care home providers objectives and values.
  • Facilitate a smooth transition of contract ownership.
  • On receipt of .dwg floor plans, GHM Care will produce WiFi “heatmaps”. These confirm the ideal cable locations for the WiFi Access Points required to provide wireless coverage throughout the building.
  • Conduct on-site surveys (subject to the building structure, power, and access)
  • Installation of Access Points / Picocell base stations.
  • Installation of WiFi IP network to provide data and voice connectivity for care staff, along with internet connectivity for residents and visitors.
  • Setting up a secure and cloud-managed platform.
  • Phone System Installation, Programming and Staff Training.
  • Typically, IP phones for key admin positions & Smartphones for nurses/carers.
  • Residents’ connections via the phone system. Removing the need for direct telephone lines and associated fees.
  • Call Continuity. Re-route calls should the building suffer any connectivity issues.
  • Ongoing annual support with flexible options for the care home provider.
  • Battery Back-Up options to provide operation for an agreed period if power fails.
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