BT told to invest more in country’s broadband

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Report by BBC

BT has been told it must invest more in the business responsible for most of the country’s broadband roll-out – or face the prospect of having the unit taken off its hands.

MPs criticised the quality of service offered by BT’s Openreach, and said it must put its “house in order”. 

Major study links low internet usage to slow broadband

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Report by BBCParts of Britain are being left behind on access to online services, because of slow broadband, research suggests.King’s College London researchers said many of the regions with the worst internet access also used modern services the least. 

GHM Care partner with Unify to offer unified communications to businesses

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GHM Care has become a Unify partner and will offer its full range of phones, voice platforms, team collaboration and applications to customers. 

Online use ‘growing’ among over-75s

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Report by the BBC

Almost two-thirds of people aged over 75 have never gone online, suggest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Despite this, net use among this group is growing with the numbers trying the net doubling since 2011, it found. 

New graduates start trainee scheme at GHM Communications

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Telecoms and business WiFi specialists GHM Communications, has recruited two new graduates from Oxford Brookes Business School.Edward Parker, 22 and Rob Laidler, 24 will be completing a two year sales graduate scheme with GHM Communications. The scheme comprises regular residential training courses and hands on learning across all elements of the business. 

Two-thirds of businesses ban workers from using WiFi hotspots for fear of security

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The use of free WiFi hotspots has been banned by almost two thirds of business organisations, according to a new survey.

The research, conducted by mobile connectivity provider iPass, also found that a further 20% of those surveyed are planning to introduce such bans, with an overwhelming majority (94%) seeing free WiFi hotspots as a significant mobile security threat.


GHM Communications appoints Peter Crosby as Enterprise Telephony Consultant

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Wifi and business telephone system provider GHM Communications has appointed Peter Crosby as Enterprise Telephony Consultant. 

GHM Care shortlisted for 2016 Comms Dealer Sales & Marketing Awards

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GHM  Care team has been shortlisted for the Reseller: Businesses up to £2.5m turnover category at this years’ Comms Dealer Sales & Marketing Awards. 

Top Safety Accreditation for GHM

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GHM has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety in the delivery of its’ care home WiFi technology and telephone systems.

Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.


Happy birthday to the telephone – 140 years old this week!

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The history of the telephone dates back to 1667, when English polymath Robert Hooke created the first acoustic string telephone.Yet, it would take 209 years until Alexander Graham Bell successfully carried out the first bi-directional transmission of clear speech on March 10, 1876.“Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you,” where the first words ever spoken over a telephone line. 

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