Case study: Gracewell Healthcare

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We pride ourselves on delivering a premium environment for our residents. The facilities and services we provide need to reflect this, which is why we chose to work with a specialist provider such as GHM Communications.

by Craig Prior, Operations Director, Gracewell Healthcare

GHM demonstrated a clear understanding of the healthcare sector and what we at Gracewell are trying to achieve. They worked with us right from the design phase of our new homes, instructing on the best cabling infrastructure for our immediate needs and with a thought to needs of the future. This will no doubt reduce future expense of trying to add cables retrospectively.

All of our new homes are using the same Samsung platform, each set up using a common programming template. This makes it very easy for transient staff to use a phone at any home knowing there is a common extension number plan across the group.

By connecting the telephone system to our nurse call system, GHM have provided carers with instant access to resident alert information, as alerts can be sent directly to handsets. Not only does this remove the need for expensive pagers, but the device can of course be used to make calls… including emergency calls from anywhere in the building. We found residents preferred us to silence the nurse call wall screens and instead use the tone or vibrate on the phone.

Most importantly however, GHM have enabled us to offer our residents a level of technology provision they would expect in a top class hotel. Each resident can have their own personal telephone and direct dial number, but without the expensive line rental fees. They also have access to unlimited Wifi internet which we can also enable for their friends and family whilst visiting.

GHM offer a level of service and range of industry specific solutions that really set them apart from the competition and therefore I have no hesitation is recommending them for this award.


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