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With your Care Home holding so much personal data and the large number of laptops lost, stolen, or misplaced every day, a crucial first line of defence against the loss or theft of devices – is full disk encryption.

Each year millions of laptops are misplaced, stolen, or lost. Often, they contain important and sensitive data. Our Device Encryption is the essential first line of defence to protect your data in any of these events.

The solution lets you manage centrally through web-based management, ensuring you can start securing data within minutes, all managed centrally from a single console.

Benefit from:

Securing Data and Staying Compliant

The best way to ensure data is secure at rest is by encrypting the computer’s hard drive.


Quick Deployment

The deployment means it takes only a couple of clicks to push out the new encryption policy, which lets the business easily secure data on remote laptops.


Secure Document Sharing

Sharing files is effortless because users are safe in the knowledge, they remain secure. 

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