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Every Care Home communicates via email, so it has become such an everyday part of our lives. Even though we use email so freely, it is vital not to be complacent about protecting the data within emails and remaining confidential, as it can cause damage to your Care Home.

GHM’S cloud email security protects sensitive information and employees from unwanted and malicious email threats, using the latest artificial intelligence.

Email threats move fast so our solution predicts email security, which can block known and unknown threats, stop ransomware spam and phishing attacks. We also protect sensitive data with email encryption and data loss prevention.

The solution supports Office 365 and all major platforms, with a portal providing end-users and admin controls.

Benefit from:

Smarter Email Security

Malicious files look more and more benign, so the solution defeats threats.

See the Future

It can detect suspicious emails containing threats, malware, and unwanted applications, as well as high-level threats embedded in documents, including ransomware.

Stop Ransomware

The most advanced anti-ransomware technology is available.

Trust your Inbox

Our multi-layered approach accurately and aggressively blocks phishing attacks.

Block Stealth Attacks

The advanced URL protection outsmarts attackers who slip phishing URLs, protecting employees.

Content Control 

There is a granular control of data breach prevention policies.

Protect Sensitive Data

The email push-based encryption and DLP makes compliance easy for security-sensitive data.

Comprehensive Reporting

Email Protect provides custom reports, including deleted messages.

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