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With staff handling sensitive data and the IT network becoming the centre of the care infrastructure, endpoint protection for PC’s and other devices are essential for any Care Home wanting to protect their data and computer systems from being corrupted.

Our solution to managing the latest cybersecurity threats involves a layered approach, combining modern and traditional techniques. It can also detect and block malware, even when it has not yet been seen.

The technology consists of application lockdown, web control, data loss prevention and signature-based malware detection, as well as modern deep learning, artificial intelligence, and anti-ransomware capabilities.

Like the Managed Firewall solution, management and reporting are all managed through a cloud-management platform. Thus, making day-to-day setup, monitoring, management, and reporting extremely easy.

Stop Unknown Threats – Deep-learning artificial intelligence excels in detecting and blocking malware.

Block Ransomware – Includes advanced anti-ransomware capabilities that detect and block the malicious encryption used in attacks.

Prevent Exploits – Exploits the techniques that attackers rely on to steal credentials and distribute malware.

Layered Defences – The layered approach provides the best in-depth defence.

Synchronised Security – Synchronise with Managed Firewall.

Endpoint Detection & Response – For IT admins and cybersecurity specialists, to identify devices with issues.

Managed Threat Response – A 24/7 365 threat hunting service, providing a detailed analysis.

Management & Reporting – The optimum solution provides visibility into all traffic, apps, and threats through this optimum solution.

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