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Send nursecall alerts direct to smartphones

Nexus Cloud is a powerful messaging platform that delivers critical alarms and messages for carers directly to their smartphones. Developed by our own technology experts at GHM, Nexus takes nurse call alerts and delivers them directly to smart devices, removing the need for pagers and loud alarms.

By integrating nurse call systems with smart phones Nexus improves staff productivity, reduces response times to patient requests, and helps improve resident care.

Nexus integrates with smart phones and the existing WIFI or GSM network to provide immediate notification to carers of nurse call events.

Silence Noisy Alerts

The ability to deliver nurse call alerts directly to staff, without the need for audible wallboards, creating a calmer care environment and improved response times.

Single Device Policy

Nexus can sit on the same mobile device as other apps you currently have or plan to use, such as MCM, Emar, staff training etc.

Nursecall Universal

Integrate Nexus with your nursecall regardless of age. Nexus can provide a consistent user experience across multiple sites using different vendors nurse calls.


Nexus records all interactions from both the nurse call system and the staff devices and delivers a bespoke reporting tool.

Individual Staff Logins

Each user has their login to encourage accountability as staff accept calls as an individual and deal with them.

Zoning of Alerts

Nexus allows you to create virtual zones enabling alerts to be sent to the right staff at the right time.

The Nexus Care system does not clear calls from the nurse call system. Calls and alerts are still cleared at the bed side.

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