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Hillside prides itself on being a good quality home that the current director has run for some 15 years. They were the first home in Wales to be registered under the Eden Alternative, an approach to care that aims to address the three plagues of care home life: Loneliness, helplessness and boredom. GHM Care are working on a few solutions, but our main priority was working closely with the client to install our Nexus solution.

The Solution

GHM Care installed their own developed Nexus Care Solution, which is a messaging platform that delivers critical alarms and nurse call alerts directly to staff smartphones, removing the need for noisy wallmounted boards and alarm systems. The system works well in both older style homes and new build developments. Prior to installation, a WiFi survey is undertaken to ensure there is enough coverage to support it.

The Product

While GHM Care can provide smartphones, our Nexus solution software works with a range of existing smart devices, that may already be in use for care planning or voice connectivity. We are also able to create zones, so alerts can be delivered to the right staff and the right time, but emergency calls disregard zoning arrangements.

The Benefits

  • Increase staff efficiency, as can reach residents quickly
  • Managers having full visibility, with accurate management reports
  • Ongoing Support from the GHM Support Desk
  • Quick and easy interaction between staff members (WhatsApp style), many reporting increased patient care
  • Works with existing nursecall systems, so a futureproof investment and no need to change!
  • No need for expensive pagers and loud alarms
  • Simple set up with staff training included

Customer Feedback

“For the first time, all is now calm. We finally don’t sound and hence inadvertently feel like an institution anymore. As you walk around the home it now feels peaceful and like I’ve always intended a home should be a community where people are simply living their lives and we happen to work and care for them.

“What I am surprised about is that it is so much more pervasive than I realised. In fact, until they were silenced, I had not appreciated just how intrusive the Nurse Call bells were; but now I continue to notice the lack of institutionalisation and the newfound calmness & peacefulness on an ongoing and daily basis.”

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