About Brockhampton Court Nursing Home

Situated in 10 acres of unspoilt countryside in Herefordshire, Brockhampton Court Nursing Home has 46 bedrooms and an array of first-class facilities. Brockhampton prides itself on delivering the finest standards of nursing, residential and palliative care.

The family-owned Nursing Home offers 46 bedrooms all with en-suite facilities – 30 within the main house and a further 16 rooms in a custom-built extension. There is a wide range of communal areas and 10 acres of land comprising gardens, a gazebo, walled kitchen garden and duck pond. A stately sight, locals fondly refer to Brockhampton Court as one of the main party venues of Herefordshire in the 1980’s. The property underwent a complete refurbishment and expansion in 2006 to transform it into the first-class nursing home it is today.


Brockhampton selected NexusCare from GHM Care as it met their needs on numerous levels. Firstly, they wanted to create a relaxed and home-from-home environment for their residents which meant keeping noise to a minimum. With NexusCare they were able to silence their nursecall alerts completely by sending alerts directly to the carers smartphones instead.

Secondly, they wanted to improve their speed of response to nursecall requests. Because carers can receive the alerts wherever they are in the home, their response is immediate and they are able to go directly to the point of call without returning to a central console first.

Thirdly, they wanted to integrate their nursecall activity into their digital care records. NexusCare integrates with leading care planning providers to automatically record each nursecall activity on the resident timeline.

Finally, Brockhampton wanted greater visibility of their nursecall activity so they could determine the nature of calls, peak times, length of response and much more. They can access all of this management information through the NexusCare reporting dashboard.

What Brockhampton Court has to say

Tom Cail at Brockhampton Court says: “We used to use a nursecall system that relied on a pager system, it was inherently unreliable.

“When we moved to digital care planning, using mobile devices, I always promised the staff that if I could find a way to have the calls register on one device, instead of carrying two separate devices, I would.

“Then I found GHM, what a fantastic group of people. The support we have received has been second to none, absolutely superb.

“The NexusCare system has transformed the home. Our nursecall system uses the latest technology, and some of our resident’s wear accelerometers on their wrists. If a fall were to happen it immediately alerts staff over NexusCare on their mobile device. We also have door monitors and PIR sensors along with callpoints in all rooms, all linked to the NexusCare system. The potential to make resident’s lives safer, better, and more dignified is absolutely fantastic.

“The support has been superb. Not only do we have the NexusCare system with GHM. I also moved all of our phone services to them, and we are in the process of moving all IT support to GHM too.

“Thank you to GHM for the continued professionalism and human touch. It can be very difficult finding a company you can trust. From all the staff and residents at Brockhampton Court whose lives you have transformed and enhanced, thank you very much.”

See it in action

Brockhampton Court has kindly invited any other care homes or groups to see their NexusCare system in action. Tom concludes: “Anybody is more than welcome to visit us and see the system for themselves.”