GHM Care introduce Cambium WiFi 6 with huge success

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GHM Care is delighted to introduce the Cambium Network WiFi 6 to our suite of care home WiFi solutions. Networks are being asked to do more than ever, limited IT resources means minimising complexity and tight budgets means doing more with less. Improve your wireless performance now as we bring you sophisticated cloud management that simplifies operations without the premium cost.

We are already installing the network into care homes across the country with huge success. Here are just some of the advantages our care homes are seeing:

  • Up to 40% Higher Performance vs. Wi-Fi 5
  • 8×8 antennas provide better receive sensitivity and signal integrity
  • Improved radio driver and offload
  • 1024QAM is 25% more bits/Hz

“Wow, connecting through this more than doubled my speed. I went from an average throughput of 158 MB to a
screaming 365 MB on my new lPhone 11 Pro.”

“We have seen impressive performance from the Cambium Wi-Fi 6 solutions. It allows us to adapt the 5GHz radio count to the number of Wi-Fi devices that support 5GHz. With a compelling price point, it makes moving to Wi-Fi 6 a seamless proposition and an easy decision.”

“The product is easy to deploy and manage. The performance is exceptional compared to other brands which we have used. Our user productivity has increased by 10%.”


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