GHM Care launch Nexus messaging platform for care homes

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GHM Care has developed and launched a new messaging unit for care homes. The platform, called Nexus Care, allows staff to receive alarm notifications from any nurse call system directly on their smartphone.

GHM Care launch Nexus messaging platform for care homesCare staff no longer need to run to a wall mounted console to determine the nature or severity of an alarm, alerts are colour coded and displayed according to priority. Alerts can be accepted or escalated directly from the smartphone.

Nexus will connect to your existing nurse call system regardless of its age.

Patient information is never stored on the staff smartphones which complies with security and patient privacy regulations.

Simon Hayler, Director of GHM Care says: “Care home staff are faced with so many challenges including improving response times, communicating with family members and reacting to alarms from multiple devices. We are excited to introduce the Nexus Care solution, which will enhance staff accessibility, improve response times and create a quieter environment for both staff and residents. Nexus also unlocks valuable performance and interaction data previously unavailable from older nurse call systems.”

Nexus provides management reports, including response and clear times per resident, household and building statistics.

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