How to streamline operations and improve service in Care Homes

GHM Care offers a range of solutions that can really streamline your operations and provide a high-quality service to care home staff, residents, and their families. Here’s a few ways in which our care home customers are making a big difference:

Upgrade Your Phone System for Better Communication

If your care home still has analogue lines, it’s time to consider upgrading to a future-proof phone system (for efficiencies but also because analogue line will soon be obsolete). Our systems are cost-effective and flexible, featuring a wide range of enhanced features that will improve communication efficiency.

Efficient Call Handling with Call Routing and Auto-Attendant

Our customers free up staff resources and speed up calls by using our Call Routing and an Auto-attendant feature, ensuring incoming calls are dealt with efficiently, reducing wait times, and improving overall communication flow within the care home.

Seamless Smartphone Integration

Our innovative solutions enable care home staff to make and receive calls directly on the care homes’ smartphones. It allows staff to be connected and responsive while on the move. 

NexusCare: A Powerful Integration Solution

Experience the full potential of our technology with NexusCare. The comprehensive solution seamlessly integrates nursecall systems. Learn more here

Insightful Reporting with NexusCare

Leverage the power of NexusCare reporting tool to gain valuable insights into nursecall statistics across different sites, staff members, and specific timeframes. This data-driven approach helps care homes identify patterns, optimise staffing levels, and improve the overall quality of care.

Proactive Support Desk Assistance

GHM Care’s dedicated Support Desk is available to assist with troubleshooting and any necessary system changes. The team are proactive and provides regular updates and information to ensure smooth operations and maximum system performance.

To learn more about GHM Care’s solutions and how you can streamline your operations, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.