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Over the last few weeks here at GHM Care we have started to reopen our office for team members wishing to return. But like many, our priority is keeping people safe. One particular challenge that affects care homes too is tracking who is onsite and when. It is also a requirement to keep track and trace information with regards to visitors to your premises. However, typical methods of monitoring attendance aren’t appropriate during the pandemic:

  • Staff and visitors don’t want to use pens and paper
  • Staff and visitors don’t want to tap on a screen
  • Facial recognition is expensive and fiddly

However, always loving to find a solution for real work technology problems, we’ve come up with this simple zero touch life hack using technology most of use as part of our Microsoft 365 package.

  • Microsoft forms comes as part of the Microsoft 365 bundle
  • Within Forms you can build a form asking everyone to fill in their contact information, and ask them pertinent questions about their health
  • Once you’ve built your questionnaire, you can download a QR code that can be scanned via a smart phone camera. The scan will take the user to the form for completion
  • At GHM we have had posters printed with the QR code on that are on all entrances and exits to the building clearly explaining to staff and visitors alike what to do.
  • Completed entries are saved securely to an excel in one drive and retention policies can be set for GDPR purposes

We hope you have enjoyed reading this FREE technology hack. To discuss your technology, please get in touch with our team on 01865 367125

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