About our products

GHM Care has gained essential  experience  and understand the technologies that can help staff deliver   high quality care to residents, whilst enabling staff to work as efficiently as possible.

Homes no longer have to put up with patchy WiFi, noisy wall boards or having to return to a fixed line to make and receive calls. Our solutions minimise not only the number of devices required but also enable carers to be as mobile as possible, spending time where it matters, with the resident.

Our product range has been developed specifically for care homes.

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Samsung WiFi

Guaranteed coverage throughout your home

GHM use surveying software to guarantee WiFi coverage within your home…critical if you silence the nursecall system and instead receive alerts on mobile devices. The Samsung Access Point Controller ensures connectivity to all devices on the network, managing demands and ensuring enhanced security levels. Clever voice prioritisation delivers HD quality voice to mobile devices, removing the need for separate voice networks like DECT.

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Smart Technology and Nursecall Integration

Integrate your third party technologies with your mobile device

Being able to combine the messages from a variety of communication systems and devices onto one platform ensures that your care home is connected and efficient at all times.

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GHM Smartphone Technology

Telephone Systems

Always the right telephone system for your home

GHM Care is ideally placed to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the convergence of voice, data, video, fixed and mobile communications through our delivery of Samsung telephone systems.

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