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The Big Switch-Off Guide for Care Homes

The 2025 Switch Off is a significant milestone for telecommunications. Although it may seem far away, it is vital to start the planning early to ensure there is no impact on your care home. It is also worth noting that the switch isn’t just about the phone and internet. All connections, including alarms, payment terminals, fax, and franking machines, will need reviewing. Here are your most common questions about the Analogue Big Switch Off answered!

What is the Analogue Big Switch Off?

BT Openreach has announced it intends to switch off traditional landlines in 2025. Commonly referred to as the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) switch off.

What are the key dates for the Analogue Big Switch Off?

The next phase of the stop sell is the complete withdrawal of these services, due to happen in 2025. Care homes with full fibre (FTTP), Ethernet, or SOGEA connectivity can relax as the connectivity is already in place.

As of 5 September 2023, businesses can no longer place new orders for the affected Openreach products and services. For example, if full fibre (FTTP) is available at your premises, this is the only broadband product available. If full fibre isn’t available, businesses can purchase SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) broadband instead. In rare situations where neither full fibre nor SOGEA broadband is available, we can still accept orders for ADSL (Copper). However, ADSL will no longer be available to purchase from 29 March 2024.

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and G.Fast broadband products are no longer availableAlso not available are ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephone services. WLR (line rental) is no longer available, except for premises where ADSL is currently the only available connectivity option.

What do I need to do?

Voice over the internet (VoIP) is the next generation of the telephone network. It uses the internet to transmit voice calls. Before switching, GHM Care can ensure each home has sufficient broadband, as the service may need upgrading. GHM Care will talk you through every step of the way, outlining the options that best suit your home, check your broadband capability, and look after the planning process for you.

Plan the process early

The closer we get to December 2025, the higher demand for migration services will be.

Expect to see supplier lead times increasing exponentially – along with prices. Starting the process early means avoiding supply constraints and waiting lists – and the cost increases they bring.


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