What’s the Big Switch Off?

Things are changing in the world of telecoms and your existing care home telephony solution might become obsolete soon. January 2027 (delayed from September 2025) will see the end on the UK Telephone Network as we know it.

BT Openreach is switching off traditional landlines. This is commonly referred to as the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) switch off.

Openreach has already stopped selling many well-known communications services at hundreds of exchanges across the country. Which means that your care home telephony and other services could stop working and we are seeing the costs of other associated services rising sharply.

What your care home or group needs to do

It’s time for your care home to start planning! The longer you wait, the more opportunities you’re missing out on and costs will rise rapidly.

In January 2027, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is being switched off by BT Openreach, which means any care homes or groups currently using PSTN-based/analogue services will need to move to another service before then.

What other care home services will be affected by the PSTN Switch Off?

The care home landscape presents a split, while new builds boast state-of-the-art fibre optic infrastructure, a sizeable portion of older care homes remain entrenched in analogue systems. Everything that uses your old phone network will be affected by the switch-off. This includes lifts, door entry systems, CCTVs, fax machines, and some care home alarm systems.


Let us help your care home navigate the transformative landscape with confidence. Our care experts will let you know which analogue services your care home is still using and provide an outline plan for your big switch off.

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