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SIP Trunking – The cost-effective, flexible alternative to ISDN for voice calls

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With BT due to turn off ISDN in 2025, there’s never been a better time to discover how switching to SIP Trunking can benefit your care home.  

New Covid-safe installations continue

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It has been a busy few weeks for GHM’s engineers, always adhering to strict Covid guidelines of course. It's always great seeing a home looking so stunning on completion. Here is the beautiful Elsyng House, part of Oakland Care in Enfield, where a phone system, WiFi & our Nexus solution was installed in a Covid safe environment.  

Innovative ideas to keep residents safe but connected with family

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Last year, we shared a BBC news report showing an innovative way one of our customers is keeping family visits possible through the pandemic, in a Covid-secure environment. As well as assisting residents to communicate via tablets connecting to the WiFi, Hamberley Care Homes have gone a step further and set-up ‘Visitation Suites’. The suite has a separate external entrance, pre-temperature checks and health screening, plus a rigid cleaning process between visits. Once inside the suite, a clear screen from floor to ceiling keeps the resident safe, with GHM supplying hands-free desk phones on both sides. The set-up allows families to have a good old catch-up as they would normally without the need for specialist equipment. Simple yet effective communication solutions make Covid restrictions a little easier to cope with in these challenging times. And to prove that modern technology doesn’t always need to be complicated, Hamberley were delighted with the retro style GPO handsets GHM installed in Reception phone boxes. Those of us of a certain age miss those rotary dials to make calls, now possible again at Hamberley Care Homes. For further information on GHM solutions, please contact our dedicated Care Sales Team on 01865 367111.

How we shape Nexus Care around your feedback

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Our Nexus Care Solution is a powerful messaging solution that delivers critical alarms and nurse call alerts directly to smartphones. Since its' launch, we have listened to user feedback and constantly evolved the platform accordingly. Here are just some of the improvements we have made based on your feedback:  

The Digital Future in Care Homes

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At present there is much emphasis on technology playing a greater role in care homes. There is no doubt that Covid-19 has placed additional strain on the sector. We agree with a recent report by Barclays, in which they state their vision for care homes combines technology with humanity, leveraging the very best digital solutions to deliver care.  

In the Press: The Carer

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GHM Care has been featured in The Carer, the publication for nursing and residential care homes in the UK. Simon Hayler of GHM Care gives his top tips on how to keep residents connected through better WiFi.  

GHM Care adds 2G cellular to portfolio

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Sprawling sites, multiple buildings, lots of green space…these are all typical features of the latest UK care villages. But having a single network that staff, residents and guests can access across an entire site can be problematic. WiFi signals are limited by distance, especially when in green spaces, and it’s not viable to dip in an out of multiple networks and systems.  

Is your care home WiFi feeling the pressure? Tips for better WiFi

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These are some very unusual times we are living in right now - we are put putting a huge strain on the internet as a whole, but in particular, we are stressing  WiFi networks like never before. If you're not using one of our dedicated care home WiFi systems that guarantee excellent coverage, here are some tips that might help:  

New installation completed under co-vid guidance

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This week our engineers have been following strict co-vid guidance when installing a full solution with blanket coverage WiFi across a 70 bed care home carrying critical Voice and Data traffic. The installation comprised:  

People are making more calls and using email less

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Mobile network providers have noticed an increase in activity for both voice calls and WiFi calls since lockdown measures have been in place. The rise comes as families connect more by phone as opposed to in person. You have probably witnessed the rise in calls within your own care home.