New Podcast: Switching Off. Everything your Care Home needs to know about the Big PSTN Switch Off

Our very first episode takes a deep dive into the Big PSTN Switch Off for Care Homes.

Things are changing in the world of telecoms and your existing telephony solution might become obsolete soon. 2025 will see the end on the UK Telephone Network as we know it.

BT Openreach has announced it intends to switch off traditional landlines in 2025. This is commonly referred to as the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) switch off.

It’s time to start planning your move to a more digital care home – the longer you wait, the more opportunities you’re missing out on and costs will rise rapidly.

In this episode we will cover:

  • What services will be affected in your care home
  • What are your options
  • What will happen if you wait to switch off
  • 3 key takeaways to start your care home switch off