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08 Jun
GHM Care install phone system
New Install: Elstow Manor Care Home, Wixams
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01 Jun
Microsoft Internet Explorer is Retiring
Category: Uncategorized
After more than 25 years, the old-fashioned Microsoft browser is finally being retired next year in favour of Microsoft Edge. The announcement has been coming for a while, as Mi...
01 Jun
Grand View
New Install: Grand View
Category: Care Home Technology, Case Study
01 Jun
Computer chip woe to continue, plan ahead
Category: Care Home Technology
Due to the Covid pandemic and other factors, the worldwide shortage of computer chips could last into next year year. The shortage of semi-conductors across the globe has result...
25 May
nexus care reporting
IT Managed Services for Care Homes
Category: Care Home Technology, Care Home WiFi
GHM Care launched IT Managed Services this year and we often get asked to explain what’s what when it comes to protecting your IT and devices. In this blog, we have highli...
17 May
Millions at Risk of Using Insecure Routers
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A Which? Investigation has found that millions could be at risk of using routers with security flaws. Many devices are not having their firmware updated. Care homes rely on the ...
13 May
GHM Business Energy
Why Switch your Care Home Energy?
Category: Care Home Technology, Tips and ad...
13 May
Parkfield Cinnamon Care
New Nexus Install: Parkfield Grange
Category: Care Home Technology, Nurse Call,...