The right telephone system for your care home

SMT-i3105-03 (002)GHM Care are ideally placed to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the convergence of voice, data, video, fixed and mobile communications through our delivery of Samsung telephone systems.

Our expertise in convergence is evident in our business telephone systems. Modular and scalable, they can be expanded and enhanced with the latest technology whenever it suits you to do so, from IP telephony and converged voice and data networks to BYOD and the wireless enterprise. Having such flexibility helps keep the cost of deployment low and future proofs every Samsung solution, protecting your investment in our equipment.

As office and mobile communications converge, the breadth of our product range offers further scope for savings. Adding a SIP client and a USB headset/handset to an Android-based Galaxy Tab, for example, converts the device into a touchscreen OfficeServ deskphone for a quarter of the cost of a traditional large screen display phone.

Remember your employees
Inefficient or costly communication practices aren’t just a product of the wrong phone system or telecoms infrastructure: often they are caused by employees themselves. How many people in your organisation reach for their mobile phone to make a call rather than their desk phone? How many spurn the preferred company mobile and use their own device instead? Our belief is that designing a phone system to accommodate users’ preferences is the best way to boost productivity, control costs and retain visibility of phone activity. We already make it easy to integrate smartphones with our Samsung phone systems and are now bringing out powerful unified communications applications that further remove divisions between fixed and mobile telephony.

IT consumerisation and the challenge of BYOD
The smartphone has become an essential business tool. Employees depend on them to stay in touch and be more productive when away from the office; and employers value them because they enable staff to access email and enterprise applications at all times. Yet, there is no doubt that smartphones add to communication costs, pose a threat to data security – especially where employees prefer to use their own choice of device – and can lead to a loss of control by the employer. According to some estimates, as many as 40-60% of all calls in offices are made on a mobile phone.

Our Mobility apps fully integrate mobile phones with a Samsung phone system. By automatically routing calls on a smartphone via the office PBX when within the enterprise WiFi network a business can reduce costs and gain greater visibility of employees’ phone activity. It also gives smartphone users access to corporate phone lists and shows the
presence status of colleagues ; enables the seamless transfer of calls between mobile handsets and deskphones; and allows incoming calls to ring a mobile, desk phone and home office phone simultaneously.

Our latest app takes integration to a higher level by extending desk top features to a smartphone; unified call logs for desk phones and smartphones; docking stations that allow a mobile device to become a deskphone; call recording from a mobile; integration of mobiles with presence; and the ability to manage personal and work calls separately.

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