The Digital Future in Care Homes

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At present there is much emphasis on technology playing a greater role in care homes. There is no doubt that Covid-19 has placed additional strain on the sector. We agree with a recent report by Barclays, in which they state their vision for care homes combines technology with humanity, leveraging the very best digital solutions to deliver care.

Our Nexus solution is designed exactly with that in mind, it creates a calmer environment for residents, but crucially it improves level of care. This is how a care home customer felt after installing our solution:

“For the first time, all is now calm. We finally don’t sound and hence inadvertently feel like an institution anymore. As you walk around the home it now feels peaceful and like I’ve always intended a home should be a community where people are simply living their lives and we happen to work and care for them.

“What I am surprised about is that it is so much more pervasive than I realised. In fact, until they were silenced, I had not appreciated just how intrusive the Nurse Call bells were; but now I continue to notice the lack of institutionalisation and the newfound calmness & peacefulness on an ongoing and daily basis.”

To request a demo of Nexus, please contact us here.

The government has also stepped in to aid care homes with iPads. This is part of its Adult Social Care Winter Plan backed by £546 million Infection Control Fund. This will certainly help residents keep in touch with loved ones. But we think it will pave the way to more homes adopting digital practices.

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