Is your care home ready for the rise in IoT devices?

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A new study reveals that only 42% of UK companies are capable of detecting an IoT breach, with only France worse off at 36%.  IoT has been predicted to rise over the next few years as 5G becomes mainstream.

Many care homes are adopting new technologies and medical devices that are smart and connected so it’s worth taking a closer look at what security measures you have in place.

Neil McManus of GHM Care, the care home technology experts, says: “What we have here is a combination of a fast growing trend towards 5G from the major telcos along with a predicted rise in IoT devices off the back of it. Security is almost playing catch up but with high profile security incidents and data breaches in the news, smaller businesses are gradually becoming more aware of the associated risks for their telecoms.”

Also, if predictions are reliable, 5G networks will soon not be able to cope with the strain of IoT, driving the case for 6G due to the sheer number of ‘things’ connected to the network.

“Blockchain is being put forward as a good solution for securing IoT devices but other measures are also available. We are happy to speak to any of our customers or care homes that are worried about how to introduce IoT securely as part of their care home telecoms.”

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